Kingdom Outfitters Classes

New term will start on Sunday February 2.  You can sign up on the Church Center App or by clicking here.

  • Signs

    The Book of Signs exercises and explains all the major prophetic signs of the Bible. The international signs, cultural signs, heavenly signs, tribulation signs, and end signs.  You will find a comprehensive exploration of biblical prophecies and signs. You will see not only how God’s Word offers insights into the future, but also how scripture builds faith through the events of the past and encouragement through the uncertainty of the present.


  • Explore The Bible

    This is an in depth expository Bible study built to lead students through major Biblical themes & truth’s in weekly scripture passages, personal study, and life application.

  • GBC 101—Discovering Church Membership

    This is the beginning of GBC’s Discipleship Series Classes. It is the basic introduction to the GBC family and the importance of the local body of believers. What does God desire for each local body? Why is membership important? Come and see.

  • GBC 201—Discovering Spiritual Maturity

    This class is designed for those who just completed 101 as well as anyone who desires to learn disciplines necessary for spiritual growth. Come and learn ways to be more effective in your prayer life and Bible study plus more. 

  • GBC 301—Discovering My Ministry

    Do you know your spiritual gifts? Where can you use them in ministry? How can you use them in ministry? This class is designed for those who have completed 101 & 201 AND for anyone who wants discover, deploy, and develop their spiritual gifts.

  • GBC 401—Discovering My Life Mission

    How can you overcome your fear in order to share the good news? Share Jesus Without Fear will teach you a natural, nonthreatening way to share the gospel that eliminates the pressure, the arguments, & the fear of failure. While this class was designed for those who have completed 101,201,301, everyone is welcome to attend.

  • Doing Life with Your Adult Children

    If you have an adult child, you know that parenting doesn’t stop when a child reaches the age of eighteen. In many ways, it gets more complicated. Both you heart and your head are as involved as ever, whether your child lives under your roof or rarely stays in contact. In this study Jim Burns helps you navigate the toughest and the most rewarding parts of parenting your grown kids. Including positive principles on bringing kids back to faith and encouragement for every changing season.

  • Love & Respect in the Family

    In this study Emerson Eggerichs discusses the respect parents desire and the love children need. When children feel unloved, they react to parents in ways that feel disrespectful. And when parents feel disrespected, they react to children in ways that feel unloving. This book helps families break the cycle of family conflict and replace it with a healthy, energizing rhythm. 

  • History of the Bible / Early Church

    From the close of the New Testament until now, the Church has been advancing throughout the world, carrying out the great commission. There have been many ups and downs, foes and heroes. However, one thing has remained consistent; the translation and passing down of the Bible have transformed the Church and God’s people in every generation. Join us as we study the History of the Church and the transmission of the Bible.

  • Anxious for Nothing (College Age Students)

    Max examines Philippians 4: 4-8 to show how we can be anxious for nothing and discover true peace from God that surpasses human understanding. Rediscover the power of prayer and take control of your thoughts.