Kingdom Outfitters Classes

New term will start on Sunday, June 5.  You can sign up on the Church Center App or by clicking here.

  • Have questions about the morning's sermon? Hang around to discuss the sermon with Pastor Mark and get a more in-depth discussion on the points, thoughts, and pieces of the morning's sermon. All guests are welcome.


  • This is an in depth expository Bible study built to lead students through major Biblical themes & truth’s in weekly scripture passages, personal study, and life application.

  • This is the beginning of GBC’s Discipleship Series Classes. It is the basic introduction to the GBC family and the importance of the local body of believers. What does God desire for each local body? Why is membership important? Come and see.

  • This class is designed for those who just completed 101 as well as anyone who desires to learn disciplines necessary for spiritual growth. Come and learn ways to be more effective in your prayer life and Bible study plus more. 

  • Do you know your spiritual gifts? Where can you use them in ministry? How can you use them in ministry? This class is designed for those who have completed 101 & 201 AND for anyone who wants discover, deploy, and develop their spiritual gifts.

  • How can you overcome your fear in order to share the good news? Share Jesus Without Fear will teach you a natural, nonthreatening way to share the gospel that eliminates the pressure, the arguments, & the fear of failure. While this class was designed for those who have completed 101,201,301, everyone is welcome to attend.

  • Christ-Centered Parenting is a study that will help equip parents of children, youth, and young adults to navigate difficult and complex cultural issues that face our families today. Designed to help you lead your children and teens in a confident and responsible way, this study will equip you to address topics which children of all ages, from preschoolers through young adults face, including gender issues, suicide, depression and anxiety, pornography, addiction and coping, same-sex marriage, singleness, dating, marriage, and divorce.

  • As couples, we are often missing the most basic and essential intimacy that the church and our families deeply need - spiritual connection with our spouse. Praying together offers a guilt-free understanding of the hidden reasons couples aren't praying together. This study will share a model for prayer within the marriage relationship that is compelling, simple, biblical, and powerfully transforming.

  • Headlines trumpet the news about modern-day plagues, social tensions, economic crises, and rampant depression. But what does the Bible say? Are we living in the last days? Offering practical insights and personal stories, David Jeremiah opens God's Word to share how centuries-old prophecies and wisdom speak to us today and help us live out God's mission.

  • This is an in-depth discipleship study that introduces believers to a lifelong process through which God will renew their minds and their lives to reflect the image of Christ. Based on Philippians 2:5, "Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus," the study shows you how Jesus' mind worked and how the Holy Spirit can teach you to think as He did.