Kingdom Outfitters Classes

New term will start on Sunday, September 5.  You can sign up on the Church Center App or by clicking here.

  • Have questions about the morning's sermon? Hang around to discuss the sermon with Pastor Mark and get a more in-depth discussion on the points, thoughts, and pieces of the morning's sermon. All guests are welcome.


  • This is an in depth expository Bible study built to lead students through major Biblical themes & truth’s in weekly scripture passages, personal study, and life application.

  • This is the beginning of GBC’s Discipleship Series Classes. It is the basic introduction to the GBC family and the importance of the local body of believers. What does God desire for each local body? Why is membership important? Come and see.

  • This class is designed for those who just completed 101 as well as anyone who desires to learn disciplines necessary for spiritual growth. Come and learn ways to be more effective in your prayer life and Bible study plus more. 

  • Do you know your spiritual gifts? Where can you use them in ministry? How can you use them in ministry? This class is designed for those who have completed 101 & 201 AND for anyone who wants discover, deploy, and develop their spiritual gifts.

  • How can you overcome your fear in order to share the good news? Share Jesus Without Fear will teach you a natural, nonthreatening way to share the gospel that eliminates the pressure, the arguments, & the fear of failure. While this class was designed for those who have completed 101,201,301, everyone is welcome to attend.

  • Are you ready to take grandparenting to the next level? This book will equip you to do all the "ought-tos" and "should-haves" that the busyness and demands of daily parenting kept you from doing. You'll learn how to make the most of this significant opportunity to imprint the next generation whether you grandchildren live out of state, across town, or down the hall. Discover how you can be not only a mentor, but a spiritual rock for your grandchildren. This book is full of fresh, new, fun ideas to connect to the heart of your grandchildren. 

  • Married couples start out with lots of love in their hearts for each other. But real-time life and the personal issues we bring to the arrangement will put that love to the test. This often puts wear and tear on their friendship, their roles as parents, and steals a lot of joy and passion from their sexual relationship. What's interesting is that for most marriages, the thing that's most lacking in their relationship isn't love; it's grace. When God's grace is the active ingredient of your marriage, it automatically brings the best out of your spouse.

  • Engaging the culture without losing the gospel. The days of our parents and grandparents are past - change is in the air and Jesus is summoning us into the future. It's time to answer his call! Urging the church to respond to social and political issues with the gospel. We are encouraged to be powerful advocated for religious liberty, human dignity, and family stability.

  • Loving God is vertical love. Loving others is horizontal love. Discover how your vertical relationship with God is connected to horizontal relationships with others.